Where Am I?

In modern world, the Democrats in the United States means liberalism. The Republicans means conservatism.


American conservatism must go back to the biblical tradition on which is the country was built. Republicans at least retain based on biblical ideas with possess the energy of open error correction. ONLY

A few…

Special Revelation

Any wisdom that enables mankind to recognize the truth is given by God in advance.

Believes “human beings are inherently capable of understanding a lot of knowledge without a special revelation from God, especially on things related to faith”, humans desire to know. Universal collective consciousness.

An aristotelian system of…

Influence of Mystical Forces

Dear friend, I want to tell you a cruel truth, the devil has always ruled the world, and the devil is not a blue face and fangs, but looks beautiful and holy.

Angels, righteous people, incarnations of truth, helmsmen, and leaders are all terms that require people to be vigilant…

Unintentional Ignorance

The truth is higher than before people.

If the human mind is on the way to the truth, then this kind of thinking has some possibility of improvement, because the truth has the ability of self-healing and self-correcting.

Does the traditional belief order have inherent error correction ability?

Depends on…

For Declaration of Independence

The Creator created equal individuals and endowed them with several inalienable rights, among them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

——————The basic preconditions of the manifesto of ideas of the soul.

Sometimes I don’t know what’s going to leave an impression. After a long night, started the new time…

Grand Disaster

In recent years, the fashionable term universal value has been used as the banner of our lives.

Current dilemma

Once people have the illusion of universal value, they will avoid the gloom of human nature and the misery of the world. We cannot, therefore, deny the existence of universal values. …

Ben Nicole

Freelance Writer. Leftist critic.

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