Human Thought Classification

The relationship between theology and other disciplines, such as literature, ethics, and science, is both a parallel order and a linear order, which belong to the presentation of human thought. Since theology is the presentation of human thoughts, in the long run, this kind of thought is not related to right and wrong, but is manifested in the diversity of thoughts, in the order of “each according to its kind” described in the Bible.

For Christians, the only correct thing is the Bible, not the theological thoughts formed by studying the Bible. Again, when we discuss the history of theological thought, no one is qualified to claim that his theology is correct and to accuse others of incorrect theology. The true theological thought was constructed by people under the traditional Catholic order, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and Hans, these talents were the builders of theological thought. The theological thoughts under the Protestant order are all good. Protestantism has reformation significance for Catholicism, but a good reform in any sense is not denying that it is not destruction but inheritance and renewal.

Most of the writings written by pastors under the Protestant order have nothing to do with theological thinking, and their writings belong to mission sermons. Within the scope of the church, their words are meaningful and very meaningful. But it has nothing to do with theological thinking.

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