Conceptual Determination

Photo by . liane . on unsplash

The perplexity of life is that after getting up every morning, I realize that I am ignorant and powerless; every night before I go to sleep, I find that I have nothing, and I am ashamed of the grace of the Lord. This lingering confusion and anxiety always reminds me of what I have done today and is it a waste of such a day. If tomorrow is the end, have I done everything I should do.

Everyone will design a coordinate for themselves in accordance with their own concept and order, disperse the order, and become the order of people’s conditions.

Stupidity is the norm that accompanies us throughout our lives. In a world that has always accused each other of being stupid, where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the orator of this generation? Doesn’t God make the wisdom of this world foolish? Stupid phenomena, causes, indices, rankings are like a dead person alive, a person is alive, but like a dead person; or a person is dead but still nostalgic for this sinful world. Liberalists lack problem awareness of the ultimate definition of freedom. Be rational and conceited!



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