Paradigm Shift

Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas on pexels

Philosophy ignores or even obscures the transcendental order of ideas, has the academic significance of “concept conversion”.

“Concept change” may be a more important proposition than “paradigm change.” It is similar to philosophical thinking in the sense of methodology, explained by Kant’s research paradigm, and explained by the paradigm of epistemology. The open-ended research of modern philosophy has emphasized the proposition of “concept change”, although it has not been stated clearly so far.

Conversion of Ideas and Order.

Institutional determinism, historical determinism, national studies are all related to the result-oriented superficial inquiry. The conceptual order has not changed, and it is still trapped in the superficial dilemma of pragmatism and result orientation.

Any culture/ Any system/ Any history

Are developed by all people?

Key to the problem lies in the order of ideas. If people’s concepts and order are not renewed, nothing can be renewed.

Transformation of people’s concept, point to the renewal of people’s concept and order to the ultimate truth, instead to other attributes of people such as the color of the person, the ethnic group of the person, Current social status of the person.

Study of the emergent order of the conceptual order is of core value significance.

Essence of human conception is the long-standing traditional concept and habits, not the current knowledge education and moral education. Follow approach. we must face our traditional habits and distinguish concepts and habits.

A person who has strong speculative ability in the sense of the original traditional concepts and habits is a person who truly has the ability to open learning and has the ability to improve. Gap in conceptual order can be formed between people, and a truly stable ultimate value can be formed. When this ultimate value conforms to the path of truth, the path of improvement can truly unfold.

Cultural issues, ethical issues, institutional issues, historical issues that have been considered for thousands of years are derivatives of the ultimate value issue.

Based on the comprehensive ideological resources of first principles and empiricism.

Transcendental conceptual order exists in the dimension of first principles, and the evolution is in the dimension of empiricism.

which is mainly based on Empiricism unfolds as the approach.



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