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A person must focus on exploring his own human sins in 7 days. mean for the past six days, we have been applying fat and powder and planting artificial flowers in various positions in our bodies.

Our guilt / Ignorance / Powerlessness / Shamelessness

We need such a day to expose our inner darkness to the sun.

How is disgusting and self-righteous.

Who love freedom and desire independence.

We can certainly be wary of the human evil of dictatorship.When we face our own human evil that pale and powerless. Evil in human nature is a manifestation truthly and typical dictator.It is precise because of the universal existence that the dictator becomes possible. Foundation dictator who stands on the commanding heights.

I admit that I suck

I did not know this many years. Someone pointed to my body and said, ‘Look, this sucks. I was a little surprised. After his gaze, I saw that I was sprouting. The flower of evil bloomed on me. It was midnight, and everything was about to fall asleep. I watched a day’s work and found that the word only rotted on me. How stupid! For a long time, I thought the truth was silent. I firmly believe that silence is the deep logic of truth. But then I discovered that the truth is always talking, and the truth exists in the three dimensions of time, space, stage.

Speak is mysticism truthly absolute commandment, Human standard behavior is love and freedom.

We can find its components in the shrinkage of the fruit and the traces of life in the fossils. But we must remember that the fruit of the contract is dead, and it will never grow new branches. Remember, fossils are also dead, and dinosaur fossils can never stand up and become alive.

One story in a few books, it is impossible for us to find our lives in whole story. Because life is not in history, at God’s word.

Plague / Famine / War

Which is a kingdom sin is judged and punished?

One choose them accept God’s punishment. Thing important is that for those citizens who have committed crimes for a long time, Crazy, Stubborn, arrogant dictators, Plague is a light punishment only. Famine in there, Cruelest is war.

A country lies and fornication have no less than one of the three major penalties. This is just the stage of the plague, we are waiting for a cruel famine and cruel war.

Everyone is a dark night. Be careful not to forget the meaning of love or overestimate human nature.

Dilemma / Paradox / Tension

It is huge dilemma that we would courage to go straight benchmark.




Freelance Writer. Leftist critic. Here I recently started writing for a living as a professional paid writer. I enjoys writing about numerous topic

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Freelance Writer. Leftist critic. Here I recently started writing for a living as a professional paid writer. I enjoys writing about numerous topic

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