Human life is a process of eliminating cheating

— — Analysis of the conceptual order of running straight to the benchmark

God said, I am Alpha, I am Omega. In other words, God is the beginning and God is the end; God is the beginning and God is the end.

Faced with such words, if a person has enough sense of awe, he will simply believe this, and proceed from this, admit that he is in such a dilemma: people have never been able and never have the ability to solve their own starting point problems and End point problem. Therefore, one must learn to completely abandon the ability to rationally design the starting point and ending point.

Only by understanding the conceptual order that “the problem of starting and ending points belongs to God” and deeply believing this can one understand human process rationality, that is, a person can only exert his rationality in the sense of process in his life. ability. This is the revelation of the Bible: People are foreigners, and life is a journey.

In this sense, running straight to the benchmark is an almost perfect expression of the conceptual order of Christians. This sentence can be parsed into a three-dimensional concept:

-The only person

— — The only benchmark

— — Straight running is a process

This is a model of the meaning of a person’s existence, which contains three conceptual orders:

— — The appearance and existence of a unique person is not determined by the unique person himself. If you believe in God, you will know that everyone is the only individual created by God. This is the only transcendental reason for a person to appear and exist. But if you don’t believe in God, you will fall into a philosophical question about “Where do I come from?” and there will never be an answer.

— — The eternal existence of the only benchmark is the eternal existence of the only purpose, and this eternal existence is God. People start from God’s creation and finally run to God. This is the meaning of life. In the same way, if you believe in God, all this becomes very clear. Conversely, if you do not believe in God, you will lose the ultimate clear purpose. Any thoughts and actions that have no ultimate purpose are meaningless.

— — The process meaning of straight running gives people a huge space to show the meaning of life in the sense of process rationality. When we say running, it means that we are working hard, weeping sowing, and being strong and courageous; when we say straight, it means that we must choose the fastest and most wise path. The distance between the two points is the shortest. Don’t be fooled by the complicated middle road. In the sense of the road, people must also listen to God’s revelation. It is in this sense that Jesus declared, “I am the way.” Blessed are those who take Jesus as the way. They will not go astray, nor will they “because they are lost in the truth and sleep deeply.” (Dante language)

In this way, after a more thorough understanding of the conceptual order of “running straight to the benchmark”, I came to the dimension of my professional intellectual history, to start my intellectual history differentiation and analysis on my problem consciousness.

For example, the well-known proposition of evolutionary order focuses on the process rationality after the category (marginal) definition. It does not contain the start and end points. Darwin’s learning, Piaget’s learning, and Simon’s learning are all within the scope of this order. Why Simon has to repeatedly emphasize the basic framework of his bounded rationality is because he defines the scope of human bounded rationality within an imaginary order of complete rationality, and thus defines the field for his own work. After that, he no longer thinks about holistic rationality, but instead focuses on the rise of knowledge within the bounds of rationality. This is called the professional path, or empiricism.

My analysis and understanding of Kant’s new epistemological order of “idea first, object behind” also benefited from the bible’s enlightenment on “running towards the benchmark”.

Due to the infestation of traditional culture and the compulsory brainwashing education of totalitarianism, the vast majority of contemporary Chinese intellectuals use materialistic thinking. Under normal circumstances, I should think this way, but because I understand the epistemological order of “the order of ideas revealed by God’s words comes first, and the meaning and behavior of man are behind”, I also understand Kant’s “Copernican revolution.” “: “The object adapts to the idea, not the idea adapts to the object”.

This understanding opened up almost all of my confusion at once, and I began to make the necessary analysis of my original concept and order, which constituted the repentance of my concept and order, and began to update my behavior with the concept and order of God’s words. The original conceptual order of the Chinese.

Therefore, I believe that the understanding of Kant’s conceptual order is the most difficult problem for us Chinese scholars in the field of epistemology. To truly understand the revolution of Kant’s conceptual order, I must first understand the revelation of the Bible. This is a slow but firm belief process. Such an understanding is an intuitive understanding, not an educational influence. Only the subtlety of daily life in Christianity can bring me a refreshing mind. Yes, I have been studying the Bible for these years, and finally I have come to understand an important fact. God used words (concepts) to create the world. God’s concept is first, and the world in which man exists is behind.

Let me narrow this description to the scope of a person, and I finally understand a seemingly ordinary but extremely important order: a person’s ability to speak first, and a person’s life form behind. One’s values ​​come first, and one’s lifestyle comes behind. A person’s faith is so important that he completely determines the direction of a person’s life. A person’s words are so important, and words embody all of a person’s values. We must use our lives to defend our right to believe, speak, and freedom of speech. In the ultimate sense, the right of speech is the right of life. I think this is the logic for Western thinkers to discover the metaphysical reasons for freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The emergence of philosophical thought history is also within the framework of this interpretation. Philosophy is about asking humans to ask questions, not to give answers. Without philosophical questioning, there will hardly be any problem awareness in other disciplines. Therefore, Mr. Yu Yingshi said that all disciplines must be promoted by philosophy, and the problem consciousness of philosophy must be promoted by theology, and the problem consciousness of theology must be promoted by the Bible. The recorded word of God to promote. This is a linear order. God’s words are the first driving force of human concepts, theology is the first system of the conceptual order, philosophy is the problem consciousness system of human concepts, and scientific knowledge is the methodological system of humans. The word of God is first, theology is in the middle, and philosophy is behind. When the conceptual order of this linear order was established, knowledge began to emerge and science became a fact.

If people agree with the above description, then they can understand that college education should be an education of values ​​in a sense, and the training of such values ​​should start from listening to God’s words. This is the epistemological reason why all universities in the West started from church schools. As for a person using instrumental rationality to solve daily problems and embark on a life of instrumental rationality, that is something after graduating from college.

But today, almost all Chinese universities are instrumental and rational. This is the reason why Chinese universities have generally become vocational schools. Of course, this is also the epistemological reason why today’s European and American universities have generally fallen into trash cans. Look at the so-called Ivy League universities. The so-called professors who seem to be knowledgeable are just buckets of beautiful-looking trash. They are full of modern instrumental rationality and do not understand the meaning of human existence at all, but they use this A set of half-knowledgeable concepts to educate young people, so that today’s Ivy League University turns out to be the largest place for mass production of modern garbage.

For example, Fukuyama, a political scientist I once read, was already a trash that relied on the three kinds of academics. At first, he thought he was knowledgeable, but later discovered that he was a literary and artistic youth with a brain-disabled person. It is a pity that he is already an age at this moment, and the only valuable thought resource is his sexual impulse.

A knowledge phenomenon that needs to be analyzed, why do some Chinese scholars lack the courage of basic positivism? The real reason is not because of cowardice, but because of the error or lack of conceptual order. Whether it is in the order of epistemology or in the dimensions of the history of thought and the history of science, which modern knowledge pedigree emerged from the conceptual order of Confucianism, Buddhism, or Taoism? People can hardly find the necessary testimony in this area. Everyone knows that the Buddhist tradition has never developed modern scientific knowledge in any sense, but people irrationally use Buddhism to explain science and regard China’s Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism as a There is no need to doubt the tradition.

From the perspective of the evolution of the history of Chinese ideas, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism have been converged for thousands of years. Everyone in Confucianism has unanimously tried to connect the metaphysical thinking of Confucianism with Buddhism. Liang Shuming said that he is a monk, and Xiong Shili’s new knowledge-only theory is used for reference For Buddhist resources, Ma Yifu mainly cultivated Buddhism after his middle age. Needless to say, Li Shutong. If such a priori conceptual order is reasonable, and if such philosophical questioning conforms to the basic order of epistemology, then it should be a matter of course that new knowledge and new science emerge in the context of Chinese thought. But so far it has been lacklustre. What is the reason for this is worthy of repeated contemplation.

Regrettably, on the one hand, we have never listened to God’s revelation. On the other hand, our theory of human nature is in a state of stubborn ignorance in the overall sense, so that we have been unable to face such mistakes in the past thousands of years. It is impossible to openly correct such errors.

The value of human beings is that they have the possibility of correcting errors and eliminating cheating on the premise of God’s revelation. Yes, from the perspective of rationalism, a person’s life is a process of eliminating fraud. Behaves as a stable chain reaction:

Straight running = process = error correction.

The so-called civilized person does not mean that he is completely correct in the sense of the beginning and the end, nor does it mean that he never makes mistakes in the sense of process rationality. In this visible world, there has never been a completely correct person. Under God’s vision, within the order of time and space, human beings are so small and limited. The so-called civilized person means that a person or group of people has an open error correction ability derived from the first impetus of God’s word. This is the significance of our process of running straight to the benchmark. Blessed are those who are willing and capable of open-ended error correction. You are called civilized people. Woe to those who are unwilling to correct errors or even stick to their own mistakes. You should know that you are living in hell at this moment.



Freelance Writer. Leftist critic. Here I recently started writing for a living as a professional paid writer. I enjoys writing about numerous topic

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Freelance Writer. Leftist critic. Here I recently started writing for a living as a professional paid writer. I enjoys writing about numerous topic