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Dialectics, as a methodological construction of philosophical speculation, has passed through Hegel’s brain, the methodological order of mankind has a huge catastrophic impact.

The error mainly lies in Hegel’s attempt to find a suitable once-and-for-all solution within the scope of human rationality, which makes the dialectical methodology of law overestimate human rationality from the beginning.

Sort out our methodological problems.

It is necessary to review the motto of

All things work together

Romans and construct a methodological order that can accommodate three dimensions as carefully as possible.

As Hegel’s error is mainly manifested as a

“rational conceit of process rationality”.

it is manifested as the fact that people are always unstable on the proposition of “knowing oneself”. Therefore, to continue discussing the new construction of methodology based on the errors of Hegel’s methodology, we can only start from the ancient philosophical proposition of “knowing yourself”. Starting from the epistemological motif, we put forward a sub-proposition of epistemology around the proposition about “how humans know themselves”:

A person thinks he is right (a proposition)

A person thinks he is wrong (proposition b)

A person is an open error correction process (proposition c) that accommodates one’s own right and one’s own wrong.

When the three propositions are brought into the dimension of methodology, we see that under the premise that the methodology remains unchanged, the propositions about how people understand themselves constitute a complicated picture of discrimination:

When (a proposition) is established, then (b proposition) and (c proposition) become possible. On the contrary, when (a proposition) does not hold, then (b proposition) and (c proposition) are meaningless;

When both (a proposition) and (b proposition) are both valid, the error implicit in the sense of human knowledge must be (c proposition) not valid.

When (a proposition), (b proposition), (c proposition) are all established, then people will form an open-ended error correction epistemological tension.

Therefore, the main error of dialectics lies in the methodology. The epistemology that does not recognize human nature is in a transcendental error state, and it tries to find a kind of comprehensive judgment based on the dual judgments of right and wrong, and the dual judgments of human nature. The best solution.

The focus of the problem is brought to the “open error correction”. It is necessary to believe that everyone is wrong in the a priori initial sense, and therefore obtain the first motivation for open error correction; this error correction only processes rationality, Rather than the ultimate optimal solution. This kind of openness is not an innovative construction, but a continuous suspicion of oneself.

When we effectively define the definition

open error correction

We can correct the fatal error of Hegel’s dialectics.

Basic problem of man has been how to judge himself. Always deviate from judging oneself as correct, unwilling to accept mistakes.

The meta-proposition of mankind is to know God, and the sub-proposition is to know oneself.

The lack of faith leads to the dilemma of epistemology, which completely deviates from the doubt of human nature with Hegel’s dialectics.

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Freelance Writer. Leftist critic. Here I recently started writing for a living as a professional paid writer. I enjoys writing about numerous topic

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Freelance Writer. Leftist critic. Here I recently started writing for a living as a professional paid writer. I enjoys writing about numerous topic

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