Refined Egoism

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Complete self-interest leads to a prisoner’s dilemma for collaboration between individuals.

The gloom of human nature leads to a breach of contract. The restriction of transaction costs leads to the inability to expand the division of labor. This will inevitably lead to a mutually harmful society. The power organization that guarantees the performance of the contract is spontaneously generated.

The expansion of the coverage of punishments will inevitably lead to the expansion of power.

The prisoner effect of self-interest on the collaboration of individual differentiation.

Increase in maintenance costs of the organization, and the use of individual resources. Centralization cannot collect the demand signals of each individual, nor can it make differentiated responses promptly. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the differentiation between individuals and achieve unified management to reduce costs.

The gloom of individual humanity has led to the transfer of personal autonomy and the misallocation of resources. The consequence is that in the face of external shocks, they lose the ability to resist risks. Through the eternal law, mercy, justice, judgment, and condemnation.

Bible enables everyone to be honest and altruistic through autonomy and error correction, avoiding prisoners’ dilemmas, reducing transaction costs, fulfilling contracts, and dividing labor under God’s ubiquitous supervision.

Unfold, avoid generating a huge centralized power that guarantees the fulfillment of the contract, and individual demand signals can also get timely and correct responses through decentralized power.

God saved mankind.



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