Great Purgatory

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The most important issue is the definition of people.

First, define the position of man in the universe.

Second, define the direction of man’s mind in the eternal order.

Third, define the boundary of human behavior in the current world order. After completing the three major tasks, a person’s life and knowledge will be in the process of constantly emerging.

Diversity gains meaning from this, uniqueness is affirmed from this, individualism and empiricism, praise and skepticism become a whole.

Intellectuals should be built with profound professional paths, rather than erudite with a pot of literature, history, philosophy. The clearer the profession, the deeper the thinking. The more complicated the knowledge, the more chaotic or even superficial thinking.

Heidegger could not make it clearer that the basic problem of philosophy is the problem of death.

Humans should use the soul to measure the universe, not the body. Compared with the question of whether there is life on the planet 1400 light-years away from human beings, perhaps humans should think more about the form of life on the earth 14 million years ago, and why the records related to human civilization only extended thousands of years ago. Did human civilization suddenly arise?

If you can never die, you don’t really need to think about heaven. If you don’t believe in God, you will choose to believe a lie. A mortal person believes that he may not die! This is the beginning of farce, and it is also the ultimate free choice.

The biggest killer in human society may be lies.

A person who relies on lies to advance his life is unfortunate, A government that relies on lies to govern the country is also unfortunate.

Job said

If I walk in lies, if my steps follow deceit, if my heart is deceived by women, if I always ambush at someone’s door (waiting for an opportunity to snatch someone else’s property), then I wish mine Wife works hard for others. May my wife have sex with others. Because these are evils and sins that must be judged.




Freelance Writer. Leftist critic. Here I recently started writing for a living as a professional paid writer. I enjoys writing about numerous topic

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Freelance Writer. Leftist critic. Here I recently started writing for a living as a professional paid writer. I enjoys writing about numerous topic

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