Soul Replacement


Everyone sees life in one a way.

Without worrying about whether his soul will continue to exist after death. For a person with a soul, must be descendants and I am me. How can life be replaced by others?

Life has nothing but despair.

Faith is the only way to escape despair.

Many people suffer from nothing in their lives, so place all hopes on their children.

The father hopes that the son will become a dragon, and the son is the father’s authority.

This concept tells us secretly that we have long lacked a person’s independent spirit within the family, and did not realize that if a single individual person bears his own sole duty of. Summarize this way of life as a “soul replacement.”

We generally believe that a person’s soul can be replaced by his children. A person whose soul is replaced by others while alive is a typical slave. If a person’s soul can be replaced by others after death, then his spirit and even his body can be replaced by others while he is alive.

This is terrible!

No wonder many scholars have repeatedly emphasized that Confucianism is a kind of culture and education.

Based on culture, those self-righteous gentlemen can substitute culture for others and enslave others. The phenomenon of soul substitution is common in our lives that many people simply cannot understand the meaning of a person’s individual independence.

Life and concept habits that eliminate the individual’s independent spirit turned out to start in our relationship with our children.

From the beginning of the family, our road of slavery began, and we did not know this. It is painful to reflect on this phenomenon of soul replacement. Those young parents at this moment, are you playing the souls of your children? Do you think that you can control not only the bodies of the children.

Souls of the children?

Do you disrespect the children at all?

Wholeheartedly want to let your children’s imagination live in your crappy imagination. We are not worthy of being parents.

People here reproduce like animals, but they cannot educate people like people. This is the most basic tragedy.



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